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Van Gogh and Wood’s Farm Paintings

While seemingly obscure – farms and farm life are portrayed by some of the most famous artists and painters in the world. Through their rural design and outpouring of color landscapes, painters accurately portray a visual sense of country and farm life–causing a mass sense of emotion, and interlocking physical and emotional sensation that only artist’s touch can bring to life.

Artists like Grant Wood and Vincent van Gogh accurately capture the notion of every sense of sight farms and farm life has to offer. Farm life has played an intricate part in not only American history, but for countries all around the world. Farms are the epicenter of how economies and trade started; they grow life and continue on the circle of life for all humans.

Van Gogh always captured the detail of the rural/rawness of land and everything that was complied around it; quaint houses; animals spread around the land; the crops growing, and the beautiful country sky that allows the farm to be at its best.

And Wood, who’s American Gothic portrait of a farmer and his wife, will forever be etched in our minds–when we think about the world of crops, land, and countryside. While highly recognized as satirical piece, held in the famous Art Institvte Chicago, American Gothic has gained serious notoriety as being one of the single biggest pieces of art to signfy Pop Culture.

Now there is a game that pays homage to farmers and their intense labor–in a way that is other than art. Farm Heroes Saga is a new game by King.com, where users must collect certain crops to pass and beat levels, while facing various obstacles along the way. And here you will find all the Farm Heroes cheats and info you need.