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Emoji Inspires Artist

We’ve seen emojis present in all form of technological communication. Emojis are found on iPhone and Androids, but we’re now beginning to see them in emails, tweets, instagrams, and facebook. It’s gotten so popular that even the White House is beginning to use them, too!

But Artist Liza Nelson has now presented a new idea for emojis and how they can be used…to inspire art!

On Nelson’s website, she documents her various sculptures that are inspired by what Apple’s emojis look like–but only if they were physical.

Nelson believes that these emojis are something both “personal and “universal.” She writes, “Emojis mean everything and they mean nothing at the same time. They’re the best thing that ever happened to our generation. They deserve to be observed and worshiped individually. By finding, posing and sculpting emojis in real life I’ve created a set of shrines to the individual characters. Because somebody had to.”

Bottom line – Nelson puts emojis into the forefront of art. Showing that even new-found technology and communication can inspire a rare, and avant-garde type of canvas.

And now there is a game that aims to do the same thing–but in the form of communication. Guess the Emoji is going to test how well you can understand the communication of emojis! And here you will find all the Guess the Emoji answers!

Feature image: Liza Nelson