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The Art Behind ‘Titanfall’

Art can be brought to life on many different platforms – Canvas, walls, buildings, paper, and even through computers. Though on a computer it does not require a variety of spray paint cans, buckets of paint, oils, and other contraband, computers have the power to bring art to life and onto video games.

Take the highly anticipated Titanfall release for example. The game has already received a stounding amount of gaming awards and worldwide recognition. And Andy McVittie’s new book “The Art of TitanFall,” allows fans inside and exclusive insight to the all the visual developments and stages of the production that went into the art of Titanfall.

The Art of Titanfall provides game lovers, developers, artists, and art enthusiasts a perspective of the amount of time, effort and dedication that goes into the art and design of a video game. The Art of Titanfall is a book worth expanding your mind on the world of art and video games, and how they transcends.

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