Van Gogh and Wood’s Farm Paintings

While seemingly obscure – farms and farm life are portrayed by some of the most famous artists and painters in the world. Through their rural design and outpouring of color landscapes, painters accurately portray a visual sense of country and farm life–causing a mass sense of emotion, and interlocking physical and emotional sensation that only artist’s touch can bring to life.

Artists like Grant Wood and Vincent van Gogh accurately capture the notion of every sense of sight farms and farm life has to offer. Farm life has played an intricate part in not only American history, but for countries all around the world. Farms are the epicenter of how economies and trade started; they grow life and continue on the circle of life for all humans.

Van Gogh always captured the detail of the rural/rawness of land and everything that was complied around it; quaint houses; animals spread around the land; the crops growing, and the beautiful country sky that allows the farm to be at its best.

And Wood, who’s American Gothic portrait of a farmer and his wife, will forever be etched in our minds–when we think about the world of crops, land, and countryside. While highly recognized as satirical piece, held in the famous Art Institvte Chicago, American Gothic has gained serious notoriety as being one of the single biggest pieces of art to signfy Pop Culture.

Now there is a game that pays homage to farmers and their intense labor–in a way that is other than art. Farm Heroes Saga is a new game by, where users must collect certain crops to pass and beat levels, while facing various obstacles along the way. And here you will find all the Farm Heroes cheats and info you need.


The Museum of the City of New York- “City as Canvas: Graffiti Art from the Martin Wong Collection”

Originally born in San Francisco, Martin Wong moved to New York City in the late 1970s during the big graffiti boom. He was both a graffiti art collector and an artist himself, painting in the East Village art scene. Though he passed away 15 years ago, he endowed his extensive collection to the Museum of the City of New York in 1994, with work from prominent artists in this movement including Keith Haring, Lee Quiñones, Lady Pink, and Futura 2000.

The exhibition will run through August 24th, displaying close to 150 original drawings, paintings and sketchbooks, as well as photographs of works that have long been removed from the streets of New York City. These pieces come from one of the largest collections of New York street art, each speaking their own story in a electrifying way, uniquely cultivated by the conditions from which it was created.

Though mainstream New York’s fascination of graffiti faded with time, James Wong’s passion for this art form persisted and in 1989, he opened his own Museum of American Graffiti on Bond Street. Although this endeavor of his remained open for just a short 6 months, the resurgence of Wong’s collection in the Museum of the City of New York today speaks to the vivacious resilience of the nature of graffiti.


A-One, “Untitled” (1984)



Lady Pink, “The Death of Graffiti” (1982)


Lee Quiñones, “Howard the Duck” (1988)

Featured image by Zephyr, “Untitled” (1984)
All images courtesy The Museum of the City of New York

How Art Influence Trivia Apps

A new trivia game for iOS and Android devices has hit the stores for app lovers! 100 Pics is a new game where users have over 70 different, specific categories to choose from, and then guess the answer to the picture being shown. 100 Pictures in each respective category. And (obviously) one of our favorite categories is Art! Here you will find all the 100 Pics answer and all the 100 Pics Art answers!

In 100 Pics category of Art, you will find some of the most well-known and obscure artists of each time-period and movement, as well as some of their most wonderful masterpieces–with a dash of ones you may never have seen or heard of!

You’ll find the work of Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanna, and all of their most famous pieces – Starry Night, Le Bassin Aux Nympheas, The Card Players, and so many more of the world’s most famous art pieces that have helped shaped the world and art history forever!

See if you can accurately pick out your favorite artist’s piece of work! You will receive a picture, a bunch of blank spaces below, and a letter bank below the blank spaces! Simply put in the name of the artist you think painted the picture. Once you have answered correctly, you will move on to the next piece of art. There are 100 art pieces for you to guess the names of! From the likes of Da Vinci, Monet, Renuir, Turner, and so many!

So in case you weren’t paying attention in Art History class, or just can’t put a name to that painting, checkout these 100 Pics answers for 100 Pics Art cheats for all levels!


90’s Museum – The Warhol

The 90’s was an iconic decade! There is no arguing that! So many memorable moments that happened, which helped to shape that decade! One aspect has stuck with us for decades–and will probably stay with us until the end of time. And that is the art work of Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol’s work had started well before the 90s, but The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA opened its doors in 1994. Allowing people who idolized and loved Andy Warhol, his work, and the style he helped create and influence! The Warhol showcases a genre of art that began in the 80s, and expanded and helped to shape much of the 90s! A gallery filled with old and new pieces that help to shape a generation and a decade. That is The Warhol.

And just like The Warhol, Totally 90’s has all of your favorite TV shows, characters, movies, food, cars, and other memorable 90s fads and moments never left; they’ve been brought back to life by Totally-90s! Just like the way people visit The Warhol to be inspired, reminisce and indulge, Totally 90’s will wash you over with a feeling of nostalgia, as you feast your eyes on all of the best moments the 90s had to offer.

A true web-gallery with all of the most well-known, forgotten, and obscure moments and fads the 90s had to offer. Too often we let the world of now takeover, and never take a step-back to see the world that we once lived in not so long ago. So sit back, relax, and click here to laugh and enjoy all the best 90’s moments!


American Museum of Natural History – The Power of Poison Exhibit Now Open Nov 16 – Aug 10

The Power of Poison exhibit is currently running at the American Museum of Natural History. The exhibit covers different kinds of poisons and how these lethal substances are used in nature, in storytelling and in human history.

Explore the exhibit before it closes on Aug 10, 2014. You’ll find a surprising number of poisonous species in the wildlife section, from plants to insects and reptiles. Learn about the different ways animals use poisons as a crucial tool to protect and feed themselves.

There will also be a plethora of information around dissecting myths and legends surrounding poison. Find out if there is any truth to these fascinating tall tales. There will also be a selection of curious cases of poisoning – many of which remain mysteries to this day.

Finally, Power of Poison will go into the secrets of poison and how they are being used in modern medicine and science. You’ll be shocked to know how much we can learn about our body, our cells and healing and regeneration, just by studying the toxic effects of the world’s many poisons.

james charles

Breaking – The Met’s Inagurila Costume Institute Event: Charles James: Beyond Fashion

The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) has recently announced that it will showcase an exhibit of the late Charles James’ work in fashion design. Charles James: Beyond Fashion will showcase on May 8th, which will also be the inaugural exhibition of the newly restructured Costume Institute. Museum paramours and fashion-addicts can observe the illustrious career of Charles James (1906-1978) until August 10th, 2014.

James began designing in London, where he was born and raised. He moved to Paris where he continued to perfect his craft and hone—before arriving in New York City in 1940. James had no formal training, but is now regarded as one of the greatest and most influential designers in the style of Houte Couture. His infatuation with complex cuts and odd seaming led to the birth of many key design elements, which were updated throughout his life – Figure-eight skirts, Ribbon Capes and dresses, and Poufs are some of the many few pioneering cuts James sculpted.

Much of the exhibition will focus and explore many of Charles James’ designs, his process, the focus and craftsmanship he put into each design, the science behind it, and the advance mathematical approach that went into constructing ball gowns that not only innovated—but revolutionized today’s gowns.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion will be presented and shown in two different locations – The New Costume Institute, and Special Exhibition Galleries on the Museum’s main first floor. The first-floor will spotlight the allure and magnificent architecture of James’ ball gowns—from the 1930s to the 1950s, including his most iconic gowns – “Tree,” “Swan,” “Diamond,” and “Butterfly.”

The New Costume Institute’s Lizze and Jonathan Tish Gallery will showcase the technology and elasticity to emphasize James’ life via sketches, pattern types, and his partially completed work from his last studio, which happen to be his final resting spot – The Chelsea Hotel in New York City.

Both exhibition locations will have video animations to help elucidate the creative process that went into each and every dress, which ultimately redefined the female body and figure.

Charles James – A man so great that he was given two first names. And after seeing Charles James: Beyond Fashion, you’ll understand his greatness.

Key Reads, Cool Apps Man, and Museum Network Join The Answers Network

Answers Network is pleased to announce that Key Reads, Cool Apps Man, and Museum Network have officially joined The Answers Network. These three reputable brands span a combined 25 years of excellence in web-magazine and digital media publishing, and the Answers Network looks to continue their growing success—under a new umbrella.

With Museum Network being in business 17 years, Cool Apps Man for the past 5 years and Key Reads 3 years, the Answers Network will continue to foster all of their writing talents and experience. The Answers Network is a growing force in the digital publishing world, and adding three prestigious sites will only continue the already mounting success Answers Network has come to build in just a few short months.

Answers Network is filled with young talent that live for publishing about mobile and console games. The Answers Network is the leader in publishing not only original, but topical content about all the latest trending games from around the world. The Answers Network’s vast sites generate over 86 million page views with 2.7 million visits, and 2.3 unique visits in the U.S. alone. Globally, Answers Networks’ websites generate a monthly traffic of 230 million page views, 6.5 million visits, and 5.4 million unique visitors.
Key Reads, Cool Apps Man, and Museum Network will only continue to drive this young and talented Answers Network machine. The Answers Network looks forward to meeting even greater success now with these three acquisitions. And we hope that you will continue to follow the progression and success these publishing sites have, as well as the continuous emergence of the Answers Network.


iOS & Android Apps Foster a High-Tech Educational Learning Experience

As new reforms in educational systems become more widely accepted, teachers and parents are turning to technology and games as valuable learning tools.  Some call the notion “edutainment,” or the fusion of education and entertainment.  Others use the term “gamification,” a process involving gameplay to engage students in a subject typically distinct from gaming.  However you look at it, this rising trend in education deserves due diligence.
A quick scan of the education category in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store validates the significance of this educational and technological progression merely by the sheer volume of applications available in this genre.  Other categories, such as Trivia and Brain & Puzzle cultivate a similar learning experience for users.  Luminosity Brain Trainer is one educational app that has been at the top of the iTunes app store for quite some time.  A popular one among adults, Luminosity includes 10 different “brain games” that help improve your memory and attention over time.  Toca Boca AB is a game development studio that has created a whole library of fun and educational iOS apps for children.  Some of Toca Boca’s most popular apps include Toca Hair Salon, Toca Kitchen, Toca Doctor and many more.  Each educational Toca app combines entertaining gameplay with a rich learning experience.  Explore cooking, the human body, and how to run your own small business.


One of the most popular uses of technology in education is language.  Whether learning a foreign language, or improving your native language, there are several word games that can be used as effective teaching instruments.  A particular breed of iOS and Android trivia and word apps has been sweeping the app stores since the start of 2013 – What’s The Word 4 Pics 1 Word.  Many developers have taken a crack and repurposing this simple game concept – guess the word that four pictures have in common.  Some of the most successful of these games include 4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUM GmbH, and What’s The Word by RedSpell.  These games allow iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android users to improve their vocabulary, and also explore a new language.  4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUM GmbH, for example, comes in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Japanese.  The only problem is that if you are stuck on a level, and have no more “hint” coins to help you find the answer, you are pretty much out of luck.  That’s why we have found the best resources online for 4 Pics 1 Word Answers and What’s The Word Answers to help you through the games.


There are of course many other iOS and Android apps that have proven themselves to be more than just a game. Although we can’t recount all of these innovative applications in this one entry, we recommend taking a glance at this app category if you are looking for some “edutainment” opportunities for you and your children.

Top Museum Apps

Download These Top Museum Apps Before Your Next Visit

Whether you’re an artist, art history buff, student, professor, or just an interested viewer, museums have long been both fascinating and interesting attractions for all alike. Museums have the ability to transport us through time, view the world through different decades, and invoke emotions that we possibly didn’t even know we could feel. But what if we had the ability to enjoy all the luxuries and amenities that museums can provide us in the comfort of our own homes, or say, on the train to work? Well, with the majority of mobile users owning and using smart phones, the world’s biggest and most renowned museums have taken notice and developed their own mobile apps. Now museum visitors can check up on their favorite museums, exhibits, and events all through their mobile phone.

These museum apps provide visitors information ranging from details on upcoming exhibitions, screenings, talks, daily events, Facebook and Twitter updates, maps, virtual guided tours and more. These apps are useful and educational, and allow users to enjoy many of the delights museums provide whether they are thousands of miles away, or right in the museum itself. Here we are going to outline a few museum apps that we think are noteworthy and worth looking into for the casual viewer and the collector alike.


Museum Apps
The MoMA App: $2.99. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Museum of Modern Art in New York, New York has developed its own app to find out what’s going on at the Museum, how to plan a visit, the ability to search through thousands of works, take tours, and also learn about artists and art history terms. The MoMA app also serves as an audio guide for special exhibitions and famous pieces, while the museum also creates apps for special exhibits throughout the year.



The Louvre App: Musée du Louvre. Free. Version 1.4, last updated March 15, 2012. Available in English, French, and Japanese. With the Louvre App you can discover and explore the Paris museum and up to 100 different Louvre masterpieces. You can scroll through the famous Greek sculptures, the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Bosch, Titian, Holbein & many, many more. You can also share your favorites with your friends through Facebook or email and even assign some of the museum’s most beautiful visuals to friends in your contact book. We highly recommend the Louvre App, and the HD version for the iPad will keep you entranced for hours.



Museum Apps



The British Museum App: Free. Version 1.01. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android. Now you can visit London’s most notorious attraction on your smart phone device. With   over 800 objects and collections to choose from, the British Museum app gives you an educational experience where each image is tagged with a description, the location on the map, and tags to related websites and links. We like that this app does not require WiFi as all the information is preloaded for you upon download.


Museum Apps




The Hermitage Museum: Free. App by the State Hermitage Museum. Version 2.56, last updated March 16, 2013. Available in English and Russian. With the Hermitage Museum App you can tour one of the largest museums in the world, and take virtual tours, art history course, and even go on thematic excursions. You can also save particular images you like, send e-cards of artwork to friends or family, and keep up to date about museum news and content.

Museum Apps



The American Museum of Natural History: Free. Version 1.2.1, last updated on March 20, 2013. Available for iPhone and iPad. This museum app allows you to chart your own course at the American Musuem of Natural History in New York City that creates a personal tour guide for you through the museum’s ornate halls and exhibits. Explore the start of the universe through the Industrial Revolution and more. The American Museum of Natural History has already launched six apps since 2010, and due to the large plethora of objects the museum owns (over 32 million specimens and collections), their integrated apps provide users a great service and experience in addition to what is available at the museum itself.



The Smithsonian, Washington DC : Free. Available for both iPhone and Android. Version 2.0.4, last updated January 3, 2013. This museum app was named one of the Sunday Times Top 500 Apps of 2012, and is sure not to   disappoint as it is a one stop shop for all the Smithsonian museums in DC. You can explore each of the museum’s hours of operation, costs, calendar, collections, events, and an interactive map and user guide to match. The only thing lacking is the museum list on the Smithsonian app does not include all the museums in DC, something that should be considered for an update in the future.



Museum Apps


The Uffizi Gallery App, Florence, Italy: $1.99. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Version 1.6, last updated October 1, 2012. You can now explore the oldest museum in modern Europe with the Uffizi Gallery App and discover the wonders of European and Italian art. You can plan a trip to Florence through the app, wander through the rooms of the Gallery, and view the masterpieces of Giotto’s Madonna Enthroned, Leonardo’s Annunciation, and the Medusa by Caravaggio just to name a few. Not only will you get an interactive virtual tour of the museum with the mobile app, but you can also learn more specifically about each exhibit and work- ultimately enhancing your learning and viewing experience.



Please note this is not a full or complete list of all the museum apps out there, just a sampling of some of our favorites for the iPhone and Android.

Museums of the World