American Museum of Natural History – The Power of Poison Exhibit Now Open Nov 16 – Aug 10

The Power of Poison exhibit is currently running at the American Museum of Natural History. The exhibit covers different kinds of poisons and how these lethal substances are used in nature, in storytelling and in human history.

Explore the exhibit before it closes on Aug 10, 2014. You’ll find a surprising number of poisonous species in the wildlife section, from plants to insects and reptiles. Learn about the different ways animals use poisons as a crucial tool to protect and feed themselves.

There will also be a plethora of information around dissecting myths and legends surrounding poison. Find out if there is any truth to these fascinating tall tales. There will also be a selection of curious cases of poisoning – many of which remain mysteries to this day.

Finally, Power of Poison will go into the secrets of poison and how they are being used in modern medicine and science. You’ll be shocked to know how much we can learn about our body, our cells and healing and regeneration, just by studying the toxic effects of the world’s many poisons.